• Shirley Summers

    LCSW, is the Chief Executive Officer of Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Ms. Summers has been with BHS for 22 years and has served as counselor, clinical supervisor, program director, Director of Quality Assurance, and Director of Clinical Services prior to accepting her current role. While serving with BHS, Ms. Summers has also co-authored a substance abuse chapter of a nursing pharmacology textbook, served as adjunct faculty at California State University Los Angeles, trained medical students at Loma Linda University, served as an Accreditation Surveyor for a post secondary educational institution, and presented on substance abuse and addiction at multiple local and national conferences. Ms. Summers currently serves as a consultant under contract with the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, assisting individuals and agencies throughout the state in licensing and certification attainment and compliance.

  • Michael Ballue

    CADC II, BSBA, is the Chief Strategy Officer for BHS. Mr. Ballue has been the Executive Director of The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of the South Bay (NCADD/South Bay) since May 2008. NCADD/South Bay has been serving the South Bay Community since 1973 and is an affiliate of NCADD Inc. NCADD/South Bay has facilities in Torrance, Long Beach, Carson and Westchester. On July 1, 2011 NCADD/South Bay merged with Behavioral Health Services. After a long history of successful collaboration and admiration for each other’s complementary strengths, the agencies have officially joined forces to meet the challenges of a new era in public sector behavioral health. Mr. Ballue now serves as Chief Strategy Officer for the combined agencies.

    Leading up to his current role with BHS, Mr. Ballue worked as a community group facilitator, Lead Counselor, Case Manager, Intake Counselor, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Program Director in a variety of settings ranging from hospital-based to residential, outpatient, and both adolescent and adult. He has worked as a consultant to middle schools and high schools in the South Bay Community, where he has provided alcohol and drug counseling services, prevention services, peer counseling training, and referral services. In addition to maintaining his alcohol and drug counselor certification, Mr. Ballue obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 1999.

  • Deborah Levan

    is the Chief Compliance Officer, as well as the Divisional Director for Older Adult Services for BHS. Ms. Levan has worked in the field of health promotion and health education for 25 years, focusing on alcohol and other drug abuse/misuse prevention and community-based services for older adults for the past 18 years. She is currently the Divisional Director of Older Adult Services of Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Ms. Levan provides direction and administrative oversight for several BHS programs targeting older adults, including an alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse prevention program for older adults called The Medicine Education Program, and a Promotores de salud project that provides culturally appropriate health promotion training and AOD prevention to Latino older adult volunteers. Ms. Levan also provides direction to BHS South Bay Senior Services, a program that provides care management and in-home supportive services to homebound, frail elderly, and disabled adults in the South Bay area. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology, both from UCLA.

    In 2010 Ms. Levan was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer of Behavioral Health Services, Inc., taking on new duties in addition to her responsibilities as Divisional Director of Older Adult Services. In the Compliance Officer role, Ms. Levan oversees the company’s compliance program to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse, in addition to ensuring the agency is compliant with contract requirements, state licensing, certification, and accreditation standards for all of its residential and outpatient treatment facilities. She also implements the agency-wide Quality Assurance, Outcomes Measurement and Satisfaction systems and acts as liaison for County and State audits and monitoring visits. Ms. Levan is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP) through the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

  • Demetrious Dansby

    is Behavioral Health Services, Inc.'s Chief Information Officer. His information technology career includes over two decades in management and consulting. Mr. Danby’s experience includes applications development, infrastructure management, telecommunications, and program office management. He has been accountable for internally managed infrastructure services. He is experienced with and has prudently applied many business and information technology practices, ranging from Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Server, SQL, and various other applications and services.

    As CIO for Behavioral Health Services, Inc., Mr. Dansby is accountable for applications and infrastructure supporting all agency functions, including document management systems, student learning services, agency system enterprise services, networks, servers, and data centers. Current priorities include Electronic Health Record implementations, HITECH regulatory compliance, cyber infrastructure, virtualization, project management practice implementation, design of technology-enabled conference facilities, and expansion of cyber infrastructure throughout BHS and its affiliates.

    Mr. Dansby is the Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, which is a for-profit entity specializing in affordable Electronic Health Records and Technology services. Mr. Dansby is primarily responsible for market expansion and product development. See www.bhscaminar.com for more information.

  • Celia Aragon

    is the Divisional Director for the Metro/East area of Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Community Assessment Service Center. She has worked in Alcohol and Drug Treatment services since 1990. In the course of her career Ms. Aragon has moved from administrative support to direct services and is currently in executive management. She has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary, strategic thinker, and planner. She is a native of Los Angeles and is an advocate for culturally sensitive, competent, and relevant treatment services for substance abusers as well as for persons with co-morbid diseases. Ms. Aragon holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is certified as a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS).

  • Candy Cargill-Fuller

    is the Divisional Director for the Harbor Area/Orange County Division of BHS, and is the Administrator of Redgate Memorial Recovery Center in Long Beach. Ms. Cargill-Fuller holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems, a master’s degree in Public Administration, and is a certified CADC II though CAADAC. She has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for 23 years in both private and non-profit settings, and has been with BHS for 15 years, holding numerous positions such as Director of Community Relations and Marketing, Program Director, and Director of Housing. She has implemented numerous managed care contracts for BHS and obtained community development funding for housing for women and women with children. Ms. Cargill-Fuller is active in the community, and annually organizes numerous events in Los Angeles County for Recovery Month, including “The Los Angeles Dodgers Celebrate Recovery,” the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Proclamation for Recovery Month, and “Rally for Recovery.” Ms. Cargill-Fuller also serves on SAMHSA/CSAT’s National Recovery Month Planning Partners committee in Washington, D.C. and advocates for individuals in recovery nationwide.

  • Denise Shook

    MSW, is the Divisional Director for the South Bay area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Ms. Shook is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, specializing in co-occurring disorders; she has been a member of the BHS team for over 19 years. In her current position she oversees two residential and three outpatient substance abuse clinics. She was instrumental in the startup of two BHS projects: the United States Probation Offender UA testing program and the Vocational Training pilot program at Pacifica House, a program that provides on-the-job training to participants, which can aide them in obtaining permanent employment.

    While working in mental health, Ms. Shook was an original member of the “LA’s HOPE Project” an innovate program funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Labor. A pilot project targeted towards housing the homeless, Los Angeles was one of only five jurisdictions in the United States awarded funding for this program. She has over 10 years working with the persistently, chronically homeless and mentally ill.

  • John Kirby

    Joined the BHS team in 2008 as the Director of Program Development. Mr. Kirby’s service to BHS includes primary responsibility for all grant proposals to continue current funding for BHS programs, as well as identifying/securing funding opportunities for new programs which complement current services. Mr. Kirby comes from a 16-year history in the non-profit service sector in Los Angeles County, working at various agencies where substance abuse, mental illness, HIV & AIDS, homelessness, and other dysfunctional life circumstances come together to negatively impact our community. He has served as counselor, health educator, research assistant, program coordinator on federal service projects, director of social service programs, and finally in his current role with BHS.

    Mr. Kirby’s community involvement has included being a founding co-chair of both the Long Beach Sober Living Coalition and the Long Beach Methamphetamine Task Force; past co-chair for the Los Angeles HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force; current consultant to (and past member of) the Atlantic Alano Club Board of Directors in Long Beach, California; and he has provided no/low-cost program development consulting services to various nonprofits throughout Los Angeles County.