Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Below we answer some questions that are frequently asked by our potential clients and those who are interested in learning more about our company:

What is the Rambo House motto?

Why hire ONE marketing person when you can have a TEAM for the same price.

What is the product or service Rambo House offers?

When a client contracts Rambo House to help them with their Public Relations or Marketing Outreach, clients will be offered 1 Client Relations Representative and 5 different services that work separately or together in building the client’s ongoing exposure.

Account Manager:
In charge of maintaining relationships and reporting to the client

Communications & Outreach:
Create a network of partners with the community around the physical location and online.

Website Content Management:
Secure and maintain the clients web presence by collecting and posting monthly information, designing images, backing up the system regularly, managing plug-ins, and remaining on call for updating or servicing.

Event Coordinators:
Develop and/or manage client events in a 360 fashion.

Designing, communications, talent and audience management, system integration, and multi level event branding.

A full time art director to fulfill creation of the client’s ongoing branded items.

Who are our potential clients?

Potential clients are clients currently in the market looking to hire a marketing director or public relations person. These potential customers post their search on many directories including LinkedIn,,, Craigslist,, and others.

What is the compelling business need that we intend to address?

The compelling need that we wish to address is that very few CEO’s and Executive Directors understand the multi-level attention that should be addressed when maintaining a public relations or marketing campaign.

Is it easy to schedule a meeting?

It is easy to schedule a 20 minute meeting with an Executive Client Relations person or Mr. Rambo himself.Simply call (310) 571-8564 or email: and request to be added to the meeting calendar.

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These days you need more than a nice business reputation to grow. At Rambo House, we understand that our clients have no time to slow down. They need a community marketing & online partner that understands that time, relationships, and investments are key to their stability.

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