Serving the los Angeles Low-Income Population since 1989.


For the third consecutive year homelessness is on the rise in the city and county of Los Angeles. On May 2016 the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported a total of 46,874 people experiencing homelessness, nightly; 34,527 were unsheltered and forced to live on the streets. This represents an increase of 5.7% from the previous year. The 2017 Annual Homeless Count was recently conducted, and is expected to have increased, based on the lack of affordable housing inventory, the city’s low employment rate, and the depressed economy.

The last citywide homeless count in Long Beach, which was performed in January 2015, found 2,345 homeless individuals, including 255 children. Although Long Beach has seen a small decrease in the number of homeless individuals in recent years, the county has reported an increase in its homeless population, including those living in tents, encampments, under bypasses, and in vehicles.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti agrees that affordable housing and homeless services are key to reducing homelessness. Additionally, the Los Angeles City Council is working with the City Attorney to draft a resolution in support of the effort to reduce homelessness. The resolution will seek resources to be directed toward addressing this growing problem in several major cities, including Long Beach and Los Angeles. While we applaud their efforts, New Image continues to provide much necessary immediate services to those in need through its Food Distribution Program, Homeless Prevention Assistance Program, Case Management and numerous supportive services. Additionally, it will soon open a Bridge Housing facility in Los Angeles that will house approximately 27,000 homeless, annually. 

Our Mission

The Mission of New Image is to: decrease and prevent homelessness throughout Los Angeles County by providing comprehensive Case Management and Supportive Services, housing, job search and placement, outreach, and referral services.

client Services

If you are a client needing emergency housing and supportive service referrals contact: LA County 211 for emergency shelters and referrals services in your area. If you would like to inquire about placement into any of our programs, contact the New Image Headquarter Office in Long Beach at (323) 846-8307.