Our Work

At Rambo House, we leverage our clients with one another, as well as to the rest of our vast network in the community - including 10,000+ families. For each client, we take their strengths and points of improvement. Their strengths are what we offer up to the table and highlight to our affiliates that could potentially partner up. On the other hand, the client's points of improvement are what we use as basis for soul-searching the ideal complementary piece (or pieces) to their puzzle. We then match-make a client company with another entity or group of entities so that they can work hand-in-hand. Rambo House coordinates everything in between so that the process is smooth, efficient, and effective. So, as one rises, the other follows suit. That's synergy at its finest.


Local Partnerships

- Access to 10,000+ families

- Backed by Los Angeles County

- Connections to Media and Entertainment


Community Events

- Community Events Conferences & kickoffs

- Art fairs & corporate picnics

- Town hall meetings & luncheons


Digital Media

- Social Media Management

- Website Development & Maintenance

- Graphic Design for online marketing campaigns


Print Media

- Printing & circulation of marketing collateral

- Brochures, business cards, magazines & posters

- Pull-up banners & large stage banners for events


Get in Contact

These days you need more than a nice business reputation to grow. At RamboHouse, we understand that our clients have no time to slow down. They needed a community marketing & online partner that understands that time, relationships, and investments are key to their stability.

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