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~:Proper Placement Headstones:~
“At Proper Placement Headstone, we make your experience simple. We are traditional people who believe that a quality headstone and service cannot simply be found via the internet, but by way of a REAL EXPERIENCED REPRESENTATIVE.”

The three steps below are to help you better prepare for such an important purchase. Proper Placement Headstones not only offer great personal service, we like for our family of customers to understand every procedure before getting started. If you are not familiar with this process here are the four basic steps:

Step One: Do you know the cemetery which the headstone/marker will be placed?

This is our first question as everything starts from your cemetery's regulations. These regulations will usually put restrictions on the size and type of your headstone you choose. PPH wants to be certain of showing you the headstones that qualify for the pre-selected cemetery. If you are not certain before calling us, find out your cemetery's exact name and location, PPH will handle the rest.

Step Two: Arrange a no obligation meeting at our location or yours.

Proper Placement Headstones would like to sit down with you and explain the pros of cons of headstone purchasing. We also have a complete catalog in which to better identify the headstone of your choice. We can sit down and talk at any of our 4 satellite California locations: View Park, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Compton. Or a representative will more than happy to meet you at the location of your choice.

Step Three: Let’s get started.

Once we have identified your cemetery regulations and you have selected a headstone from a variety of great options, getting it made and placed is simple. After the general paperwork is signed, we will work on samples for you to approve, arrange your placement, and the completion of your purchase is done.

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